About Us

Why Safer Phosphates™

The mission of Safer Phosphates™ is to share knowledge and address concerns about heavy metals that are present in some phosphate-based fertilizers. We want to improve understanding of the potential risks and promote solutions that optimize fertilizer choice, in order to support food security and sustainable agriculture.

The campaign’s goals are to:

  1. Raise the profile and promote use of phosphate-based fertilizers that are low in heavy metals and more environmentally-friendly.
  2. Enable farmers and decision-makers to more accurately assess issues related to fertilizer quality, food security and environmental health.
  3. Build a voluntary network to develop and share relevant knowledge on safer phosphate-based fertilizers.


We are always seeking new partners to promote the Safer Phosphates™ message. If you’re interested in protecting soils and agriculture from excessive/unnecessary exposure to heavy metals, send us an email at info@saferphosphates.com.

Safer Phosphate™ members can sign up to one of two categories: ordinary membership or full partnership.

Safer Phosphate™ Members:

Ordinary Members will be kept up to date of all news relating to the campaign’s efforts. They will also receive a quarterly newsletter outlining facts and key developments.

Safer Phosphate™ Partners:

Full partnership is directed at phosphate producers, research institutions, government and non-governmental bodies and farming organizations. To be considered, one needs to adhere to the goals set out by the campaign. Partners are expected to actively engage in the campaign, contributing to material and discussions.

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