Safer Phosphates™ is a Dutch Foundation who’s aim is  to contribute to EU policy & regulatory debates around fertilisers. Safer Phosphates seek to increase the awareness about the presence of contaminants in fertilising products and, indirectly, our food, stressing the availability of low-contaminated products both in Europe and globally. The ultimate objective of Safer Phosphates is promoting a sustainable agriculture and better food in Europe through enhanced competition on the European market of low-contaminated fertilisers.

If you care about our mission and want to support our activities, you can make a voluntary contribution to us. Our organization has no members. We will spend your contribution in accordance with the objectives of our articles of association.

The objective in our articles of association is as follows:

The foundation aims to:

a. addressing complex and interrelated issues of food security, food safety and human health, precision agriculture and sustainable chemicals with a particular focus on safer phosphates and also promoting the use of scientifically assessed safer phosphates around the world;

c. sharing information via virtual media, including but not limited to internet websites, social media and YouTube channels;

d. funding research into safer phosphates, fertilizers, soil health and food safety at an academic level;

e. organizing outreach and advocacy activities for decision makers at national, international or multilateral levels to promote the virtues of safer phosphates and the dangers of contaminants in poorer phosphates;

f. organizing outreach and advocacy activities with other legislative bodies and environmental agencies to understand the challenge of making agriculture more sustainable through the use of safer phosphates;

g. organizing meetings, seminars, webinars and other activities where stakeholders in the phosphate supply chain can interact with government, non-governmental, academic and other stakeholders;

h. managing the ownership of the Safer Phosphates trademark and ensuring that all activities undertaken under that banner are consistent with the objectives of the foundation;

i. organizing any other activity that can directly or indirectly contribute to the promotion of safer phosphates around the world;