Kropz has developed South Africa’s largest sedimentary phosphate deposit, known as Elandsfontein - the world’s newest and most innovative phosphate mine, with a capacity to produce up to 1,5 Mtpamillion tonnes per year of 32% P2O5 phosphate rock from a highly automated processing plant (Earth Plant 1) with online analysis and advanced process control. Streamline mining methods and efficiencies in Earth Plant 1 allow for continuity of production, which is expected to continue for the current 15-year life of mine. Elandsfontein is in its advanced commissioning phase.

Elandsfontein Phosphate Rock is of high, consistent quality and is low in cadmium and other impurities. This is vital in ensuring that phosphate-based fertilisers used in soils do not contaminate the food we eat and that long-term human health risks are eliminated.

Elandsfontein is ideally positioned for domestic and export logistics, ensuring timely supply in addition to an ethical route to market. Kropz has dedicated warehousing, ship berthing and loading facilities at the deep water Port of Saldanha, which is located just 40km from the mine via a national freight road.

Elandsfontein phosphate will be distributed globally by international mineral fertiliser trading companies, supplying over 111 countries from 15 offices around the world, for direct application as well as to be beneficiated into superphosphate and phosphoric acid.

At the heart of Kropz lies its caring approach towards its people and communities, as well as the environments in which it operates with the goal of Elandsfontein becoming the world’s first truly green mining operation. Kropz has established the Greenheart Foundation, through which all community upliftment initiatives are channelled.