Operating high quality and modern manufacturing assets across Russia, PhosAgro is one of the largest suppliers of agricultural nutrients globally. Its strength is based on integration into raw materials. This includes a complex of igneous phosphate mines in the Kola Peninsula and access to low cost natural gas.

PhosAgro’s phosphate rock resources are estimated at around 2.0 billion tonnes which is sufficient for around 60 years of continuous mining at present rates. Its rock offering is considered among the most concentrated materials in the industry, 39-40% P2O5, compared to a global average of 30-31%. This not only benefits downstream manufacturing, using fewer raw materials during processing and by implication generating less waste, but also improves logistics efficiency.

From its mines, the Kola rock is transferred to one of three production sites in the west and south of the country. Here it is combined with nitrogen and potassium to produce a range of bulk and complex fertilisers, feed supplements for the livestock industry and industrial grades of phosphate. In total, the company has the capability to produce in excess of 8 million tonnes of downstream product each year. These are distributed to customers in over 100 countries around the globe.

PhosAgro’s offering is among the purest in the industry, with virtually no harmful trace elements. This means that its consumers avoid contaminating their soils/crops and animals with dangerous heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and arsenic, which could pose a long-term health risk.

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