Our Mission

Safer Phosphates Foundation is a global campaign that aims to highlight the negative impact of the use of heavy metal in mineral fertilisers

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We work with legislators and other relevant organisations to help ensure a better understanding of how heavy metals enter and threaten the human food chain.

A better safer world

A better, safer world

The world needs phosphates in order to feed its growing population. Organic fertilisers are only part of the answer. Phosphates with lower heavy metal levels provide the prospect of a safer, more sustainable future for agriculture.

A Coalition for Change

A Coalition for Change

We work with governments, other legislative bodies and environmental agencies to build understanding of the challenge in making agriculture more sustainable.

In many parts of the world, improved soil performance can make dramatic improvements both in terms of the economics and safety of food production.

Progress to Date


We are always looking for individuals and companies to support our mission and help promote our Safer Phosphates™ message.

If you are interested in protecting soil and agriculture from excessive/unnecessary exposure to heavy metals, please email us at admin@saferphosphatesfoundation.com.