The Safer Phosphates Coalition is delighted to welcome Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited – a phosphate supplier from New Zealand – as its newest member.

Chatham Rock focuses on carrying out low cadmium projects in New Zealand and French Polynesia and is growing capability to meet the global demand originating from organic and regenerative farmers, with prospective phosphate mines in Australia and Canada.

The composition of the Company’s rock phosphate allows it to be applied directly to the soil without additives, which is significantly more environmentally friendly as it reduces run-off by 80%-90% and improves soil health. Chatham Rock’s Makatea project in French Polynesia looks at meeting the demand for low cadmium phosphate of farmers in Metropolitan France.

“The presence of heavy metals in soil is a major threat to the human food-chain. It is essential to come forward with regulation that limits the contamination of soils in Europe for the benefit of its citizens. Safer Phosphates is the right platform for this,” said Chris Castle and Colin Randall, President and Executive Director of Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited.

“Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat in Europe and globally. In this historical moment, it is therefore important to build sustainable food systems & reinforce food safety, in particular, for the most vulnerable ones. The Safer Phosphates Coalition look forward to working with Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited on sharing knowledge and addressing concerns about heavy metals and promoting solutions that optimise fertilizer choice,” said Pascal Michaux, Secretary General of Safer Phosphates.