Safer Phosphates has partnered with a renowned Italian research centre – OPERA – and its Director Professor Ettore Capri will become the coalition’s Scientific Adviser. 

OPERA is a respected research centre and think tank of the Italian Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. It is a platform to discuss the various approaches to sustainable, intensive agriculture and to develop voluntary initiatives with third parties, such as farmers and associations.

Professor Capri is Director of the OPERA Centre and a renowned scientist working in the field of agricultural chemistry. He is an expert in ecotoxicology, residues & additives in food, green chemistry, human risk assessment and sustainable development.

OPERA and Professor Capri will lead Safer Phosphates’ scientific work, focusing on the health and environmental impacts of cadmium in soils. 

Secretary General of Safer Phosphates, Pascal Michaux, commented: “Professor Ettore’s appointment represents a determined effort by the Safer Phosphates coalition to step up to the challenges of the future and continue to be a powerful voice for sharing knowledge and addressing concerns about heavy metals in some phosphate-based fertilisers.”

Professor Capri added: “We want to support the stakeholders in their political and technical decisions concerning food security and sustainable agriculture. I am really pleased to be able to lead on this important work.”