1 -General intro by moderator: “Food safety and the sustainability of soils are generating growing attention from consumers, policy-makers, etc.”
  • Introduction of discussion context: 

    • Increasing scientific knowledge on food and health topics

    • Increasing awareness of general public around food, health and sustainability issue

    • Increasing activism of public authorities (cadmium regulation, Farm to Fork Strategy, greening of CAP, etc.) 

  • Presentation of speakers 

  • Introductory remarks by the Secretary General of the SaferPhosphate Coalition

2 - Health focus: There is an increasing scientific consensus over the negative impact of cadmium on health
  • Presentation by ANSES of the main conclusions of cadmium report

  • Brief introduction of the EU regulatory agencies (JECFA/EFSA)& their main conclusions on Cd

  • Remarks by Prof. Alfred Bernard on the impact of cadmium on consumers through food and on soil protection

3 - Policy Focus: There is a rising political will to limit the use of cadmium in agriculture
  • Presentation of cadmium regulation by Safer Phosphates 

    • Introduction of Cd limits 

    • Implementation of national derogations in several MS

  • Introduction on Green Labelling

  • Point of view by EEB on the evolving consumers/farmers trends with regard to food and agriculture

4 - Economy focus: How to support farmers in limiting cadmium content in the food chain?
  • Remarks by Safer Phosphates Member on the need to promote enhanced competition on the European market of low-contaminated fertilisers

  • Comments by AGPB on the need for policymakers to support farmers achieve a green transition / need to promote access to clean fertilizers

  • The point of view of the Retail representative to have a more sustainable agri-food supply chain in order to promote access to healthy and fair products for consumers. 

5 - Q&A with Journalist

Moderated by Charlotte Baut.